champions of the heart, goldendoodles, springerdoodles
Champions of the Heart is a Georgia based kennel raising amazing Goldendoodles and
Springerdoodles. Hobbyist setting the standards for successful Goldendoodle and Springerdoodle
breeders.  The Alexander family, being one of the original founding breeders of Goldendoodles in the
United States, have established a well known lineage of Goldendoodles.  Springerdoodles were added
to the Georgia kennel after the demand grew for a smaller sized doodle.  The Springerdoodle success
has been amazing!  The Alexander's attribute their success in this field to keeping their motto always
at hand; "focus on less and you will have so much more."  By exercising this belief
Champions of
the Heart
are able to keep their Goldendoodle and Springerdoodle kennel a hobby and breed only
for the love of the breed.  The difference is evident in each Goldendoodle puppy and Springerdoodle
puppy produced by
Champions of the Heart!
Champions of the Heart!!

Goldendoodle puppies and Springerdoodle puppies thrive in the Southern setting at Champions of the Heart.   Our
Goldendoodles and Springerdoodles enjoy mild weather and pure serenity here at our Georgia Goldendoodle and
Springerdoodle kennel.  Goldendoodles of various varities including; American Goldendoodles, Moyen
Goldendoodles, English Goldendoodles, and F1B Goldendoodles have been at part of our lives for 13 years now.  
After training and competing in various canine events, we were thrilled to find this fun-loving & healthy breed of
dogs.  After reaching our goals for producing amazing Goldendoodle puppies, Champions of the Heart added
Springerdoodles to the mix.  Springerdoodles are a smaller package with the same amazing benefits that
Goldendoodles offer.  Please enjoy the story of our canine life on our, 'Get to know Us' page.  

Northeast Georgia host the rolling greens and large hardwoods that our Goldendoodles are raised on.  In a secluded
area of Lavonia, GA we are conveniently located half way between Atlanta, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina.
champions of the heart, goldendoodles,springerdoodles
Champions of the Heart!!

Lavonia, GA
Goldendoodle Puppies & Springerdoodle Puppies