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Updated 5/1-18

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Welcome To Alexander Acres, home to Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles
Alexander Acres......
began with the purchase of a beautiful secluded section of land in 1999, on the outskirts of a small town known as Lavonia, GA, by Michael and Dee Ann Alexander.  A love of animals already instilled in the young couple, their intentions of creating a peaceful environment for animals and humans quickly got underway.  The result.......a wonderful piece of property that allows for exciting romps through the fields of lush green foliage, late afternoon swims in the cool fish pond, and plenty of uninterrupted rest under the large white oak trees  in order to give the squirrels a run for their money!

While there is a permanent upscale structure on the property to house Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles, the dogs enjoy a simpler.....more free lifestyle, if you will.  With days spent under the shade trees or lounging in the cool freshly cut grasses.  

The kennel was designed in order to provide a safe and clean environment for the dogs.  Attention to detail makes the kennel building sanitary and canine friendly.  A full septic system, all concrete flooring, metal walls, lofted bedding, stainless steel food/water bowls, heaintg and cooling elements, etc all contribute to what has been a successful set up for more than 15 years.  Dogs at Champions of the Heart do sleep in the enclosed kennel at night for their peace and comfort.

Champions of the Heart is fully licensed and insured
*Unfortunately, due to new restrictions, we can no longer allow visitors; to walk through our kennel, walk through our doggie play yards, lean over fences to pet adult dogs, or even have adult dogs out when visitors are here.  Why, you ask......because unfortunately this is a 'sue happy world'.  While we have NEVER had any incidents at our home, other claims for dog bites, etc have resulted in Farm Bureau insisting we have an additional liability policy and agreeing to keep visitors and adult animals separate.  We are rule followers, therefore you will be able to see parent dogs through a fence and you will be able to play with available puppies.   
The Alexanders' started their canine family with a cocker spaniel, Hagen.  Hagen was a loyal companion that provided many years of love to the family.  Wanting to provide other families with the same canine love they experienced, the Alexanders' began raising pet quality cocker spaniels.  From pet cocker spaniels, came show quality cocker spaniels, then field trial weimaraners, followed by field trial labrador retrievers. Experience in the proper handeling of dogs shows in the Goldendoodles created at Champions of the Heart.  Being well known for producing superb temperaments the Alexander family wanted to produce a healthier line of canines.  Research and work with the genetics department at UGA, resulted in the first ever intentional breeding of the Goldendoodle in the state of Georgia.  That inaugural litter of Goldendoodles was born at Champions of the Heart almost 19 years ago.  The entire litter was adopted by staff at the Veternarian department at UGA. The excitement that ensued was incredible!

All In!
Alexander Acres encompasses family poperty owned by the Alexander family and populated by Champions of the Heart! We are a family of 4; Michael, Dee Ann, Carter, & Chloe Rose.  We began our journey with canines before our children were even born and have raised our children by teaching them respect and love for all God's creatures.  Both of our children know quiet a bit about raising Doodles!  Carter & Chloe Rose both own dogs of their own and often will have litters of their own that they are responsible for.  They are both equally responsible maturing teenagers, that we are super proud of!  Carter is a junior in high school and loves to fish, hunt, play basketball, play soccer, and run track.  Chloe Rose is a sophmore in high school and manages to keep up quiet the social life in between volleyball & soccer! We couldn't live without them!  

Along the way.......
the Alexander family has owned/raised other animals as well.  The children as well as family and friends have enjoyed the different animals that have been on the property over the years.  Some of the animals include; llamas, babydoll sheep, pygmy goats, cows, ponies, draft mules, and a miniature donkey named 'Cj' who still can be seen and often heard on the farm.

We Work!
One of the things that sets Champions of the Heart apart from other Doodle breeding kennels, is that we do this as a serious hobby.  Years ago we made the decision that we did not want to breed animals just for profit.  Michael has a full time position in management.  Dee Ann is a Registered Dental Hygienist. They love their dogs, therefore extra effort is given by getting up early, & staying up late to give them the attention they deserve.  Someone is always on the property.  By raising Champions of the Heart as a hobby it allows a breeding schedule that fits the families schedule. Allowing the family to not feel pressured to breed a dog just to fulfill a reservation list or to pay a bill.  It makes for happy adult dogs, happy humans, and most of all well loved and cared for Goldendoodle puppies!

Socialization is key in raising amazing Goldendoodle puppies.  Champions of the Heart puts additional emphasis on making sure that each puppy goes through extensive socializations tactics.  Puppies are handled minutes after they are born.  Exposure to noises, different surfaces, riding in automobiles, different age range of people, going to the veteranian, bath time, blow dryers, and even swimming in the pool are just a few examples of the fun times had by Goldendoodle puppies at Champions of the Heart.  
While the Alexander family is in and out of the farm numerous times a day, sometimes the help of Dee Ann's parents is enlisted.  Dee Ann's parents loved the tranquility of the property at Alexander Acres and decided to purchase neighboring property and build a retirement cabin just down the hill!  You can find Don working at his sawmill, working with his honeybees, or piddling on his tractor around the property.  Joan loves to help with the dogs and with Carter and Chloe Rose if needed.  Joan makes sure all the dogs are taken care of when the Alexander's aren't at home.  This helps make some happy Goldendoodle  puppies! 

We understand......
that not everyone likes or agrees with crate training, however it is something that Champions of the Heart supports.  We start all puppies on crate training before they leave.  It is believed that by starting puppies on crate training/house breaking it will aide in the more rapid training once the puppy gets to its new home.  Often times new Goldendoodle owners contact Champions of the Heart to let them know their puppy has slept through the night from day one.  

Goldendoodles  are very intelligent and train very easily.  Consistency & patience is key in training a happy healthy Goldendoodle from Champions of the Heart. Click here for tips on training you new puppy:

Training Tips

Bragging to make a sale.....
is just quiet unbecoming to us. We are simple people with a simple hobby.  Yes, we have placed puppies with celebrities, have had our puppies/dogs in books/magazines/tv shows, and yes we have many accolades.  But to use such as a promotional tactic to sell a puppy is just not our style. #sorrynotsorry
All dogs used in the the Goldendoodle  breeding program reside at Champions of the Heart.  Since the Alexanders' are so focused on personality and termperament it seems only fitting to have interaction with each dog dailey.  Sorry, no foster homes or stud services available.