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Updated 5/1-18

Crate Training

Crate Training Can Cut Your Housebreaking Time In Half

Crate training is a common method of training a Goldendoodle puppy.  Dogs and puppies do not like to soil their bedding, therefore your Goldendoodle puppy will strive to hold its urine and feces while in a crate.  

Crates also create a safe haven for your Goldendoodle puppy. Crates should always be used in a positive manner and never in a negative way or for any type of punishment.

Use a short cue word when asking your puppy to get in its crate.

Most Important Rule

If your Goldendoodle puppy is barking, thrashing or throwing a temper tantrum do not let him out.  Only open the crate door when your Goldendoodle puppy is calm and quiet.

Avoid leaving stuffed toys in a crate with a Goldendoodle puppy.  The puppy can tear the toy up, eat the stuffing which will create a possible medical emergency.

Do not feed or water your Goldendoodle puppy in his/her crate.
Abuse of the crate will result in difficulty with training.  Goldendoodle puppies will need to go out immediately after getting out of their crates.  A young puppy may not be able to make it from the crate to the outside, you should carry your puppy the first couple of weeks.  

At night take up the food/water for your Goldendoodle puppy. Play with your puppy then take him out.  If you need to take your puppy out during the night, avoid snacks/water breaks.  

Naps in the crate during the day will make training go much faster. 

Champions of the Heart begins crate training your puppy before it leaves.  Crate training is a process that will need to be continued to be successful. 
     During the day, have your goldendoodle puppy take 2-3 naps in their crate.  This will help with getting your goldendoodle puppy accustomed to sleeping in the crate at night.  Do not feed or water your puppy just before crating him/her.  Instead remove food and water at least 30 minutes prior to crating.  Take your goldendoodle puppy out to potty.  When you are ready to crate your goldendoodle puppy, use a short cue word like "crate" or "bed".  Say, "Rover, crate", then place rover in the crate.  If your goldendoodle puppy cries at this point, ignore it.  You must not take him/her out of the crate at this point.  Avoid speaking to your goldendoodle puppy.  It can be me, I know!  If possible, opt to take your puppy out after an hour or so, while the puppy is not whining.  When you get your goldendoodle puppy out of the crate, immediately take him/her out to potty, praising all the while!

     At night, I prefer to let the puppies doze off before crating.  So the way we handle it is:  We take food and water up around 8 pm.  We let the goldendoodle puppies play together outside.  We then come in and allow them to play until they seem to be getting drowsy.  Then I take them out one more time for a quick potty break(around 10 'ish).  I bring them back in and let them start to doze off.  I then scoop them up and place them in their respective crates for the night. (around 11 pm)  

Generally, when our goldendoodle puppies leave us, they are sleeping from about 11 pm to 5:30 am.  

     If your puppy regresses and wakes you up during the night, take the puppy out to potty and then back in and put him/her back in the crate.  No playing at all!  Pick a time, like 3 am for 3 nights, and get up for a potty break for 3 nights.  Then move it to 4 am, and to 5 am.......if you are consistent, your puppy will be sleeping 10 pm to 7 am in about 3 weeks time.  But it takes consistency and patience on your part to accomplish this.  
We understand life....
If you need to be gone for more than 3 hours while your goldendoodle puppy is young, you will need to set up an area for the puppy.  You will want a secure area, like your laundry room, garage, or extra space you may have.  Set up your puppies crate and leave the door open, outside of the crate put a small ex pen around a small area(to enclose a safe space), put down puppy pads or newspaper in the area and food and water for the puppy.  By doing this, your puppy will not be put in a position to have to make a mess in their crate. As your goldendoodle puppy gets older, he/she will be able to hold it much longer periods of time.
Crate Size & Needs.......
Traveling:  if you are flying with your young puppy, you will need a small soft sided carrier.  

At home: we prefer the metal wire crate that has a divider in it.  You should only give your puppy enough roon to stand up and turn around in the crate.  And only a crate pad or an old towel in the crate.  Size: medium(says it fits a golden retriever on the tag).  

If You Travel: if you will be flying with your dog when it is older, you will want to get a hard plastic type crate instead.