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Updated 5/1-18

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Champions of the Heart,
wants to help you simplify your house training steps.

Where To Go???
Choosing the spot where you want your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle puppy to relieve himself will aide in clean up.  If you have children who play in the yard or enjoy entertaining outdoors then you will want to teach your Goldendoodle puppy where you would like for them to go potty.  The first few times your puppy goes potty scoop up the poop and drop it where you want your Goldendoodle puppy to start relieving himself.  

Wise Words!!!
When teaching your Goldendoodle puppy use a nice tone of voice. No need to baby talk or scold, but a nice even tone.  Using short cue words help in training.  Pick the words you use for commands and stick with them.
Limited Freedom...
By reducing the area your Goldendoodle puppy can go will help to reduce accidents.  Utilize the crate during the day as well in order to limit roaming and aide in training.
The process of house training your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.  Necessary compontents for house breaking are consistency, persistency, and forgiveness!  You can expect your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle to have some basic knowledge of house breaking skills.  Goldendoodles are very intelligent and train very quickly, however new owners must be willing to put in the time and effort to accomplish the task.

The process of housebreaking your Goldendoodle puppy in simple.  Teaching your puppy to relieve himself in certain spots will aide in the training.  Young puppies will give a cue that they need to go potty.  They will often be seen sniffing or running to hide from you in order to relieve themselves.  When it's time for your Goldendoodle puppy to go potty, attach a leash and take your Goldendoodle puppy to the spot where you want them to go.  Don't play with him or distract him.  You can turn your back if your Goldendoodle puppy is trying to play.  Instead give him a chance to sniff and get ready to go.  When your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle puppy begins to relieve himself, quietly praise him by saying short cue words such as, "Good job."  When he is done, praise him enthusiastically and then play with him.

Remember, young Goldendoodle puppies go potty frequently.  You can expect a 7-9 week old Goldendoodle puppy to go potty about every 2 hours during the day.  Remember what goes in ..... must come out!  By controlling when your Goldendoodle puppy is fed/watered you can control potty breaks to a certain point.  Your Goldendoodle puppy will need to go potty within 15 minutes of eating while young.  As your Goldendoodle puppy grows and matures he will be able to go much longer lengths of time between potty breaks.  Each puppy matures at a different speed.  Make sure you do not compare your puppy's progress with other puppies.  Concentrate on your puppy's needs.  

Maintain your training schedule, supervise your Goldendoodle puppy, limit the freedom of your Goldendoodle puppy, and build good house training habits.  Remember to give your Goldendoodle puppy time to develop control over their bodies and to mature mentally.  You will be ever so happy with your house trained Goldendoodle puppy.
You can expect your Goldendoodle puppy to have accidents.  If you catch your Goldendoodle puppy in the act of having an accident, calmly take your Goldendoodle puppy outside.  If  he completes his potty outside, be sure to praise him.  Accidents can be cleaned with scented cleaners. If your Goldendoodle puppy has an accident and you scold him you will simply teach him to be secretive.  This could lead to a Goldendoodle puppy  who relieves himself behind the sofa or in an unused room.  

After cleaning up the accident, vow to supervise  your Goldendoodle puppy more closely.  Remember relieving himself isn't an accident, he has to do that.  He will go where you have trained him to go.

House training takes time.  Time to teach your Goldendoodle puppy where they can go potty and time to turn this into a habit.  Your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle also needs time to mature physically to have bodily control.