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Goldendoodles Raised With Heart

Updated 5/1-18

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Male, Red Golden Retriever
​apx 85 lbs

     Cash is quiet the looker!  He has a gorgeous feathery coat and amazing structure.  His bold blocky head shows in his offspring. 

     But most of all, Cash has a true retriever personality.  He is always so happy!  Cash loves to swim in the pond, retrieve anything you throw, and can chase squirrels all day long.  Visitors are often amazed at how gorgeous he is.  It truly is hard to find a Golden Retriever with all the qualities Cash has.

Male, Cream English Goldendoodle
apx 70 lbs

     Scotch is is a super obedient guy.  Scotch was born here at Champions of the Heart.  He is a great example of what English Goldendoodles are meant to be.

     Scotch is a happy guy that doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He has a content spirit about him and will happily follow you around the yard doing chores, never interrupting.....but there for moral support!  His coat is thick and wavy. 
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Male, Red Moyen Poodle
​apx 25 lbs

     Banks is a busy fella!  He is on the move most of the time and is super athletic.  

     Banks is a moyen poodle, meaning he is medium in size. He has a muscular build and a shorter stature.  He has a soft red coat that is easy to groom.  He is happiest chasing rabbits through the swaying grass of the fields!  Banks is a great contributor to the breeding program at Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles in Georgia.  

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Male, Brown/White Parti 
Mini Poodle
​apx 12 lbs

     Newt is small but mighty!  Newt was a surprise for Chloe Rose when she was younger.  He came to us looking like a tiny cotton ball!

     He may look like an old man, but he has a heart of gold and is fast as lightening.  The need for speed! Newt's favorite thing to do is ride on the 4-wheeler with Chloe. No worries he wears his safety glasses. Newt now stays mostly with Gran and Poppa and they have him truly spoiled .

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Female., Cream F1 Goldendoodle
​apx 42 lbs

     Telly is a funny girl.  Telly was born at Champons of the Heart Goldendoodles(Laney & Diego were her parents, both retired and are deceased) and is a great example of the amazing puppies we have.

     Telly has a gorgeous cream color coat and a bouncy personality that shows with every step she takes!  She is tons of fun to be around and comical to watch as she plays.  Telly is obedient, comical, happy go lucky, and calm in nature.
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Female, Apricot, F1 Goldendoodle
​apx 60 lbs

     Tipper could arguably be part human.  Tipper was born at Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles(Pearl & Diego were her parents, both retired and are deceased) and was raised primarily by Carter & Chloe Rose when they were younger.  

     Tipper has a striking appearance with a gorgeous fluffy Goldendoodle coat but her personality stands above all else. Tipper is super smart, obedient, and loving.  Our family was truly blessed the day she was born.   

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Female, Red Moyen Poodle
​apx 26 lbs

     Penny is petite lil lady with a sweet- calm demeanor.  Penny is a moyen poodle meaning medium in size.  Her offspring are usually highly sought after.

     Penny has a beautiful red coat. She is easily kept happy and is very obedient.  Penny is a great even tempered dog and contributes great offspring to the Champions of the Heart  Goldendoodle breeding program.  

    Female, Red Moyen Poodle
    ​apx 27 lbs

         Piper is and athletic girl that can run as fast as the wind but mostly enjoys laying under the shade trees.  Piper joined Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles several years ago and has produced some gorgeous Goldendoodle puppies.

         Piper has a nice red coat and easy going.  She does let you know when a stranger arrives with a deep a bark but calms quickly.  


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    Willa Bee
    Red, Moyen Poodle
    ​apx 15 lbs

         Willa Bee will warm your soul! She truly has a heart of gold.  Willa is a moyen poodle is came to us from Indiana.  She was so so tiny when we first got her.  Great memories!

         Willa Bee is super calm, so calm that often times you never even know she is in the house.  She is happiest when she is with her people....well any people really!  Willa Bee has some of the sweetest little babies, that families tend to brag about.  

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    Female, Medium Golden- Golden Retriever
    ​apx 45 lbs

         Rookie is too much fun for words.  Rookie was born at Champions of the Heart.  Her parents are Cash and Yancey,  In an effort to continue exceptional personality traits for future Goldendoodles, we kept Rookie!

         Rookie has brought us so much joy.  She is a ball of fun!  She loves the water and has a high endurance level, out swimming all the other retreivers.  Rookie is still a pup, but we are excited about adding her to the breeding program.

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    4. Managing Director
    Female, Light Golden - Golden Retriever
    ​apx 65 lbs

         Yancey is a gentle giant.  Yancey has typical retriever traits like playing in the water, fetching, and a happy go lucky attitude.

         Yancey has a gorgeous light golden or cream color feathery coat and a gorgeous blocky head.  Yancey never meets a stranger but will definitely bark when something goes awry on the farm.  

    1. championsoftheheart,goldendoodle,goldendoodlepuppies,goldendoodlepuppy,georgiagoldendoodle,,georgiagoldendoodles,championsoftheheartgoldendoodles
    Female, Red Golden Retriever
    ​apx 33 lbs

         Remy is a petite golden retriever.  She is super smart and a great retriever.   

         Remy absoluately loves the water.  It doesn't matter if its a swimming pool, a fish pond, the river, a tub of water, or even a bucket....she is going to figure out someway to get inside and lay down.  She gets most excited when the sprinklers are turned on!!

    Parent dogs are selected and raised as  personal pets first!  Champions of the Heart is heavily focused on amazing personality traits not only in the Goldendoodle puppies produced but also in the parent dogs on the property.  Each parent dog has achieved personality trait testing in order to be accepted into the breeding program.  Champions of the Heart retains all dogs as they are retired from the breeding program, as they are pets first and deserve to have the lifestyle they were raised in!  Limiting the number of dogs ensures that each dog gets the attention they deserve.