Champions of the Heart
Goldendoodles Raised With Heart

Updated 5/1-18

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We believe that each puppy no matter the size, gender, or color gets the same loving devotion, therefore every :
Goldendoodle puppy at Champions of the Heart is $1500.
Sheepadoodle puppy at Champions of the Heart is $2500
Bernedoodle puppy at Champions of the Heart is $3500

#1-Make an email inquiry. **email is preferred

#2-After communication is established and you choose the litter you would like to reserve a puppy 
from, we will take your contact information.  A  deposit is due to reserve- the deposit amount is posted with the puppy information on the availability page.

#3-Once the puppies are born & you've decided to proceed with a reservation you can mail your second deposit 
check for the amount listed(non-refundable) to the address provided via email or send it via PayPal using the free 
'Friends and Family' version. (see button below)  You must specify which litter and the gender. 
***Please review the dates listed for pick out and release prior to inquiring.  Make sure these dates work 
for you.  Any discussions need to be made in advance.

#4-When the puppies are 4-5 weeks of age, visitation/pick out will be held.  (Please remember we have 
a busy schedule also, but we try to accommodate everyone). Your family will be invited to visit and 
choose your puppy.  If you prefer, you may do this via photos/video clips.  At the pick out date, deposit 
#3 is due.

#5-Puppies are released at apx 7 weeks of age.  Puppies are not held beyond the dates listed - so 
double check.  Your final payment is due at this time and must be in the form of cash or paypal 48 hours in advance of picking up the puppy.
***photos and videos are taken and text to those with a deposit, as time allows in our schedule.  Our 
focus is on the care of the puppies. ***

Expected Now:
F1 Goldendoodle Puppies
F1 Sheepadoodle Puppies