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Updated 5/1-18

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Training Tips

Champions of the Heart Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and easy to train.  Some suggestions on training can be found here.

Introductions To The New Family
Because each and every Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle puppy is a precious addition to the family, having a home set up to accommodate a goldendoodle puppy properly is essential.  With some planning, some knowledge, and the use of a few common items, a goldendoodle puppy friendly home is easily attainable.  

If you already live with pets, there will most likely be a few adjustments taht need to be made.  If you have other dogs, it is a great idea to introduce the new Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle puppy in a neutral environment.  Setting up a safe zone for your new goldendoodle puppy may help set boundaries.  
Puppy Proofing Your Home
While your home may be a spotless uncluttered residence, rest assured your goldendoodle puppy will be sure to find every hazard!  A great idea is to get on your goldendoodle puppy's eye level and look for potential hazards. Generally speaking, anything your goldendoodle puppy can get his mouth on poses a potential hazard.  

A short potential hazard checklist contains: 1-electrical cords, 2-window covering cords, 3- antifreeze, 4-medicines(including creams/ointments), 5-plants(rhubarb, poinsettias, tulip bulbs), 6-chewing gum/candy containing xylitol, 7-food(grapes, chocolate), 8-small items(squeakers, coins, stuffing)
First time introductions should be brief but exciting.  Allow your Champions of the Heart goldendoodle to retreat or approach as he sees fit.  Never force a goldendoodle puppy into a situation.  Just because you may know the person or place, the goldendoodle puppy does not.  Goldendoodle puppies lack inhibitions and readily take to new people, places, animals, and objects.  

It is known that the canine brain develops fastest during the socialization period.  Whatever life experiences the puppyhas during this time will affect his outlook as an adult.  Once this period of time is over you can never go back and make up for what the goldendoodle puppy is lacking.  A great training tip is to set a goal of making 30 introductions in 30 days.  For example, day 1- eating out of a pie tin, day 2-wearing a hat, day 3- opening an umbrella, etc. 
Teething & Chewing
Chewing is a part of your goldendoodle puppy's nature.  Keep in mind that goldendoodle puppies use their mouths to explore with their mouths.  Over the years, Champions of the Heart has found that chewing is the worst when the goldendoodle puppy is around 10-16 weeks of age.  Understanding that chewing is a part of puppyhood is the first step in getting through this stage.  The best piece of advice is to redirect.  If you find your goldendoodle puppy chewing on an unwanted item, give them a good firm "NO" and substitute an item that the goldendoodle puppy will enjoy chewing on.  
Activity Timeline
8-10 weeks of age: Unsteady Body
-avoid large flights of stairs, single or double steps only
-avoid heavy dog traffic areas until goldendoodle puppy has all vaccines
-socialization  and possible goldendoodle puppy training classes

10 wks-6mnths:  Growing Quickly
-flights of stairs are ok
-gradually increase length of walks
-slow jog
-continue socialization
-training classes encouraged

6-14 mnths: Growth Slows/Maturing
-walks increase in length
-jog speed and length can increase
-continue socialization
Successful Training
Successful training of your Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle includes:
1)Consistency: Keep rules consistent. Rules aren't rules unless they are predictable.  Avoid changing rules or blurring the lines.
2)Inadvertent Rewards:  Goldendoodles will do whatever gets them the best results.  If your goldendoodle puppy discovers a way to get something he likes then he will repeat the behavior until the cycle is broken.  It will take vigilance to end a habit.
-3)Luring:  Using treats to lure your goldendoodle puppy to perform an act or get into a position is successful.  However should not be abused.  Use a treat lure the first few times when training, then discontinue.
4)Repeat:  Short quick ques for training are best.  Say the que word and give the goldendoodle puppy at least 5 seconds before repeating.  The goldendoodle puppy needs time to process the new language.
5)Expectations:  Goldendoodle puppy training is a work in progress.  Expect some ups and downs.  It's not fair to expect your goldendoodle puppy to remember everything, some of the new skills will take maturity and repetitive education.

Champions of the Heart
Goldendoodles in Georgia
Housetraining your goldendoodle puppy doesn't have to be difficult.  You can simplify this training process in order to keep accidents to a minimum and to help your new Champions of the Heart Goldendoodle puppy learn to be the best they can be!.
Crates are essential additions for puppy proofing your house.  Crates are useful for more than just potty training.  Crates are great for creating sleeping spaces for your goldendoodle puppy and a place where they can retreat. .
Housetraining Tips
Crate Training Tips